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We are aware of our responsibilities in respect of sustainable tourism and development.
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Energy Saving
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Social Responsibility
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    Energy Saving
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    Social Responsibility

Based on the principle of "Zero Waste", our primary goal in the waste management system we implement as BHM Hospitality is to reduce the amount of waste, to ensure the disposal of our wastes with the least damage to the environment by managing our wastes well and to regain the recyclable ones.


Between 2014 and 2021;

  • Approximately 136 tons of paper-carton wastes have been recycled.
  • Approximately 2.5 tons of metal wastes have been recycled.
  • Approximately 147 tons of glass wastes have been recycled.
  • Approximately 3.1 tons of plastic waste have been recycled.
  • Approximately 228 tons of vegetable oil waste have been delivered to the recycling company for production of bio-diesel fuel since 2014
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Energy Saving

One of the most important steps in sustainability is to ensure energy efficiency. At all of our facilities, we at first measure energy use and identify the issues and determine potential saving areas, accordingly. We prefer to use low energy consuming equipment and systems. We ensure long-term improvement by making use of automation management and monitoring sources. We analyze energy savings on continuous basis by means of maintenance, supervision and monitoring

We exhibit our commitment in terms of energy consumption by watching out that all electronic products and equipment, we purchase, are energy-saving.

On the other hand, water use and control are of important to us since the water consumption at the daily activities, swimming pools and living spaces at our hotels is considerably high. We utilize water-saving equipment to minimize the overall water consumption without compromising on health, hygiene and guest satisfaction, and we make "Ecologic Cards" available at the guest rooms for water saving at our Akra and Akra V facilities. By means of such cards, we inform our guests that they will receive a discount voucher for the days they do not request cleaning and change of sheets during their accommodation for a minimum of two days and over for the purpose of reducing water consumption and chemical use.

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Other Activities We Perform For Protecting the Environment
  • Since we are aware of our contributions to the local economy, we supply all products from local producers.
  • For the purpose of protecting the nature, environment and reducing carbon emission and encouraging our guests to sports at our hotels, we offer free of charge bicycle rental service at some of our hotels. Besides, we have raised such service of us higher thanks to the Bike Friendly Hotel certificate we have received for our Akra and Akra Kemer hotels at the beginning of 2022.
  • As of 2019, at the Mezze Festival, we have been organizing, we use 100% organic bamboo plates, spoons and forks to reduce our plastic waste amount and raise awareness in an event that adds value to the city.
  • The laundry, dry cleaning and ironing tasks at all of our hotels are being performed by Buket Yikama (Buket Laundry) which is another affiliated brand of BHM. Chemicals consumption, temperatures and spin cycle are all being controlled through automation at Buket Yikama (Buket Laundry), which has a textile cleaning capacity of 80 tons a day. Upon the arrival of the cart, carrying dirty laundry, the products with chips pass through the device and they are recorded as based on their types and quantities. Washing machines are operated with optimum load, preventing unnecessary temperature and water and chemical consumption.
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Our Social Responsibilities and Contribution to the Society

We, as BHM Hospitality, are aware of our social responsibilities, and we organize our social activities on voluntary basis upon the participation of our staff and the local community, as well, throughout the year.

  • By providing support to the "Plastic Cap Campaign", held by the Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Türkiye (TOFD), we are collecting blue caps on regular basis.
  • During the event, we held on April 23, 2017 at the ForFun Entertainment Center, we hosted 50 children with leukemia, and gave them the opportunity to enjoy a day full of fun.
  • In 2018, 2019 and 2021, we welcomed the family representatives and volunteers at Akra for cheering up the children undergoing cancer treatment at the city by the Foundation For Children with Leukemia (LOSEV), and we held entertaining events for them.
  • In 2019, we donated the proceeds, derived from the sale of the paintings we have sold during the "Traditional Akra Painting Contest", we have held for the 4th time with the motto "the Nature is in Your Hands" as part of the social responsibility project, to the Turkish Foundation for Children in Need of Protection.
  • Bringing a new perspective to the tourism in and the publicity of Antalya, Akra Gran Fondo is of great importance by providing contributions to the environment to minimize the carbon footprint since 2018. Encouraging all locals to cycling and reducing the driving percentage substantially, Akra Gran Fondo invites all cycling-lovers to pedal more for a healthy life.
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